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While Anita excels at the FEI levels and can help you master the fine art of Piaffe, Passage and tempi-changes, she can be found working with Pony Clubbers and beginning students as well. Whatever your level, consider Anita's thorough and classic dressage foundation for your horse and yourself.

Off Site Clinics

Anita Williams trains and competes at an FEI level. She is available for clinics from beginner all the way through the FEI levels. To learn more about Anita Williams visit her page with the link below. 

FEI Training & Campaigning 

Anita Williams' lifelong passion with horses continues to place her among the elite of the dressage world. With the addition of Annie Morris to the team, we offer a comprehensive package for training and campaigning your dressage horse as well as getting you ready for success in the show ring. We always consider the well-being of the horse above all else and believe that horses of all breeds are capable of success if they are ridden by an educated rider. As classically educated riders, we always offer the horse compassion coupled with our technical skills. It is Anita and Annie’s goal to assist every rider to become a more conscientious leader for their horse, capable of listening to their horse’s needs while training through the levels. In a challenging sport, we look for a way to share the joy that dressage riding can bring and develop happy horse and rider teams.

Board & Stabling

We offer full service boarding with superior monitoring of health and condition. We have spacious rubber matted stalls, lovely paddocks and lots of pasture on the beautiful rolling hills of Eagle, Colorado. Board and stabling available for those interested in training for dressage.

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