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About Anita Williams

Anita Williams is a Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalist with the United States Dressage Federation and has been competing at National and International levels of dressage for over 30 years, winning many National USDF Horse of the Year Awards, and Regional Championships from 1st level through the FEI levels.


Anita started her career in Pony Club in Bedford, VA and evented to the Intermediate level on the East Coast where she was able to ride with many of the top competitors in the sport during eventing's heyday.  She qualified for the National Championships - then called the DeBroke Championships, at the Preliminary level.



When Anita came to Colorado in the 1980's she made the decision to concentrate on dressage. Since then, she has trained many horses from start to Grand Prix and all levels in between, with many of those horses becoming Nationally ranked. 


With her stallion, Morocco, whom she purchased as a 2-year-old, Anita was recognized internationally through the Intermediate level and won Regional Championships at 1st level, 3rd Level, and PSG. Recently, riding Ducarlos, she was recommended to the US Developing Team Coach for Dressage by 4 time Olympian, Steffen Peters. Anita is also currently competing her 10-year-old gelding, Stortebecker, in his first year at Grand Prix. 



Having trained with many of the top coaches in the world, Anita believes that most horses, of all breeding, are capable of being champions if they are lucky enough to be ridden by an educated horseman. She believes always in standing for the best for the horse, this requires a rider educated in the classical principals of horsemanship and equitation. She uses the German Training scale as a basis for teaching, always with compassion - and passion - for the horse and rider. It is her goal when teaching to help every rider become a more educated teacher for their horse, and a better listener to their horses needs. Then they too can become champions!

Anita is happy to work with beginners in all disciplines to internationally minded  FEI riders. She owns and operates her own training barn in Eagle, Colorado and can be contacted at

970-390-1881, or

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